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Atendify is an event promotion platform that enables both large and small event organizers to promote their events more efficiently to their target audience without spending thousands on printing flyers or posters and or TV/radio commercials. Information about your event is delivered to the phones of patrons through our mobile application. Because it is online, now you can make your promotions interactive by using 60 second videos to promote your event. Send instant updates, make edits, sell tickets.
Promoting an event on Atendify is easy and quick. After signing up for an account, on your dashboard (online only) use the "+create event" button to be directed to a simple form where you will be asked to fill out the required information about your event. Follow the instructions provided, set your preferences and publish!
Yes! While it is free to create your account and events, it will not be published to users until you have paid for the advertising plan you have selected.
There are a few major benefits promoting your event on Atendify has over the traditional flyer prinitng or TV commercials. You:
  1. Save Money: The cost of advertising with atendify is considerably lower than prinitng flyers and posters or buying a 30 second commerical on TV or Radio.
  2. Reach More: Instead of promoting to only people in one location, you event can be seen by thousands of people right across Jamaica right on their phones.
  3. Send Updates: Date change? Bad weather? New venue? No worries, easily updated your event details and we’ll automatically let your patrons know.
  4. Sell Tickets: Easily sell tickets to your patrons without having them leaving the comfort of their home or you looking for locations to sell your tickets.
The cost to promote your event is based on the advertising plan that you choose. There are four available plans:
  1. Starter Plan (1-2 weeks): for $30 US/wk;
  2. Value Pan (3 weeks): for $28 US/wk;
  3. Standard Plan (4 weeks): for $25 US/wk
  4. Premium Plan (5+ weekss): for $22 US/wk
To determine the final amount simply multiply the weekly price for the plan you selected (for e.g. $28 US) by the total number of weeks that plan covers (e.g. 3 weeks). The final amount would be $84 US.
Currently, we support only certain event types covered under nine (9) categories:
  1. Beach Parties
  2. Pool Parties
  3. School Parties
  4. Stage Shows
  5. Street Dance
  6. Dancehall
  7. Carnival
  8. Themed Parties
  9. Clubs
As long as you like but no less than one week. It is best to advertise 3 weeks before your event starts so that your patrons get enough time to plan for your event.
Yes you can. Just login to your dashboard and from the navigation ribbon select “Manage Events” and look for the event you want to edit/updateunder the “published” tab. From there, select the event, click the edit option and make your corrections or updates then click “Save Changes”.
Because every account is both a promoter and patron account, accounts can only be deleted by calling or emailing us after suspending your account in settings. This ensures that if you have an event running during that period patrons are able to contact you, refunds (if applicable) can be made and events can be found by patrons who saved it to their calendar. After you event has expired we will delete the account for you.
We currently accept payments through WiPay® Mobile Wallet Accounts. Soon we will be accepting credit and debit card transactions.
Atendify allows organizers to either use an image (usually a digital version of their flyer) or 60 second promotional video as media when creating their event. However, even though both can be added, only one media will be seen by users. To add an image, simply click the "+" sign in the image box and a popup window will appear. For videos, upload it to Youtube, then copy and paste the link into the area provided.