Welcome to Atendify

The event promotion and discovery platform that connects patrons and promoters easily and affordably.

  • Event Promotion

    Have an event you want people to know about? Simply fill in the event details, upload preferred media, set preferences, pay the fees and hit publish.

  • Event Discovery

    Looking for events near you to attend? Learn about events being hosted near you through our mobile app. You can buy tickets, set reminders and get instant notification and updates.

  • Event Management

    Need to update your event information? Log into your account, edit the information and we’ll notify your patrons about the changes. Its easy and quick.

Awesome Features

Never miss another event again! With the Atendify mobile app the only thing you’ll miss is not knowing.

  • Nine Categories

    We aren’t a to do list platfrom. We offer event promotional services for nine type of locally hosted events.

  • Interactive Media

    Keep it simple with a JPEG flyer or go big with a 60 seconds promo video. Its up to you.

  • Get Reminders

    Save an event and we’ll automatically schedule it and remind you when its time.

  • Buy & Sell Tickets

    Give your patrons the convenience of buying tickets online from the comfort of their home.

  • Location Filters

    Decide if you want to see events in your local area or from promoters across the Island.

  • Get Connected

    Reach out to event promoters for more info on social media, phone or email.

Benefits of Atendify

Leveraging powerful code to bring you events to attend.

When promoters create an event on our platform we push the events to the mobile app installed on your phones. We notify you when an event has been added to a category you follow so that you never miss out on the hottest and popular events being hosted near you or across Jamaica.

  • Save Money: You save up to 35% more when you promote with Atendify for a month than printing 150 high-quality flyers.

  • More Effective: When you promote with Atendify, your audience is 500,000 people not 150. You reach more people with less effort.

  • Edit Information: You can easily update the information about your event and let your patrons know about it in an instant.

  • Track Events: Users can save your event to their calendars and be reminded about it and attend. Flyers are thrown away and forgotten.

  • Provide Contact: Make your contact info, social media and event website links available so patrons can find and contact you easily.

  • Protect Environment: Print less and save more. The environment will thank you for it with great weather for your events.

How It Looks

Here’s an insider peek at the design and flow of the app.


Plans & Pricing

Straight forward plans to meet your promotional needs. The math is simple: Weekly Price X number of weeks.


  • 1-2 Weeks Promotion
  • 0% Price Discount
  • Email support
  • Feedback within 24 hours
  • Social media integration
  • 0% Fee for 10 tickets*
$30 US/wk


  • 3 Weeks
  • 6% Price Discount
  • Email Support
  • Feedback within 18 hours
  • Social media integration
  • 0% Fee for 15 tickets*
$28 US/wk


  • 4 Weeks
  • 10% Price Discount
  • Phone/Email support
  • Feedback within 15 hours
  • Social & website integration
  • 0% Fee for 20 tickets*
$25 US/wk


  • 2+ Months
  • 12% Price Discount
  • Phone/Email support
  • Feedback within 8 hours
  • Social & website integration
  • 0% Fee for 25 tickets*
$22 US/wk
*We will not charge you the 2.59% processing fee per ticket for the amount specified per plan if you sell a minimum of 100 tickets on our platfrom. Ticketing feature coming soon!

Promo Video

Learn more about what we do by watching our short promo videos.





Team Members

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